4 Questions to ask When Looking for Corporate Housing

Don't Know What to ask About When Browsing Apartments?

Kimberly Smith is a pioneer in the corporate housing industry. As the CEO of Corporate Housing By Owner, she has helped countless homeowners and companies promote their corporate housing inventory on line..

In her blog post, “Top Corporate Housing Rental Questions to Ask”, Kim offers some important information on what you can do to ensure you receive the best experience.

When renting a furnished apartment, Kim urges clients to ask quality questions. As she points out, “All Corporate Housing Rentals or Corporate Housing Companies are NOT created equal.” 

Be sure to ask about the following when Apartment Browsing.


Companies and individuals vary as to what they charge and what is included. Kimberly offers the following questions to ask a prospective provider. “What does the monthly rent include? Are there discounts for longer leases?” Ask about fees and deposits. What is refundable and what is not? By asking about the charges, hidden costs don’t need to spoil an otherwise enjoyable stay!


Many people assume that a provider has an office nearby, but that’s not always the case. Kim recommends asking how to get help if issues arise. Ask about amenities provided with the apartment. Knowing what to expect and what services are available helps you have a more pleasant stay!


Kim advises renters to ask about the company’s policies. What happens if you are unhappy with your accommodations? Reputable providers will make sure that you are comfortable, but things can go wrong. How is that handled? Be sure to ask the question before you commit, so you know what to expect.


As a former President of the board of directors of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), Kim highly recommends that you find out if your provider is a member of CHPA. “CHPA is the trade organization for the corporate housing industry and requires specific levels of professionalism, excellence, customer service, and ethical standards,” she says. Company representatives who are certified corporate housing providers (CCHP) have passed a test to ensure they abide by these standards.

Corporate housing is a growing and ever evolving industry. As an industry, professionals will strive to provide the best in short term furnished housing for a variety of people. I think Kimberly says it best. “You can count on one thing staying the same: corporate housing always has and will continue to provide short-term furnished housing to individuals and business executives who need a place to call home, even if only for a short while.” Thanks, Kim!

Anna Scheller, CCHP Capri Temporary Housing For more questions to ask, visit Kim’s blog at http://www.corporatehousingbyowner.com/blog/2013/10/top-corporate-housing-rental-questions-to-ask/