Back To School

Shopping for clothing, books, pencils, preparing schedules, even with just one kid, back to school time can be a challenge!

It gets worse when you are situated in a new area, where your child will be making new friends, and when you don’t know where everything in town is. At times like those, it is a great idea to take a day to familiarize yourself with the area you’re in.

Whether you’re preparing for one child, two, or even five to return to school, there are a few things you can do to help things go more smoothly.

Get a list from your children’s teachers! While elementary schools may not require extra items, middle and highschool students may need extra items for their classes. To prevent being blind-sided by this, get in contact with your child’s teachers before the semester starts and find out what extra supplies your child might need to be successful this semester.
Make a Shopping List! A tedious task to be sure, but it is better to make a list and be prepared with everything you need than to make four or five trips to the store. While making a list takes time, it cuts out the extra time you’ll take running to the store multiple times if you can cut out one hour of your time and get all of the supplies you need in one go.
Plan out your Route! If you are in a new area, knowing all the great shortcuts to avoid traffic is nearly impossible. But with the help of GPS in our phones, it is easier than ever to find your way to where you need to go. The best way to be sure that you know where you are going, is to follow those routes the day before you need to drive them and pick out the spots that might cause trouble or which way you want to take the route. This way, you know where you are going before you end up waiting in traffic to drop your child off for their first day.
Figure in Traffic! While GPS maps are great and often have the ability to tell us about the traffic in an area, it is always good to plan out your morning with an extra five to ten minutes. Heavy traffic can build up in a matter of minutes and leave you ten minutes later than you planned to be! Even if it is just five minutes, five minutes can make the difference between on time or twenty minutes late due to traffic buildup.
Eat Healthy! Eating healthy is important, especially for those of us who have busy lives. If our bodies are not getting the right nutrients they need, then our brains do not function as well as they should. So even if it takes you a few extra minutes and a few extra dollars, you should always give it your best shot to eat healthy: for you and for your children. Longer days are much easier to work through when you have the power of a well balanced diet behind you.
Have fun! When it is all said and done, make sure you relax and have a bit of fun with your kids. Despite the trials of getting your children into school, there is a joy that comes with even just having children that you should never lose sight of. Especially because they are often so ready for fun!

All in all, simply prepare for the school year. Whether you do a lot of prep work or you do a little, the hectic hassle of starting the school year is much easier when you prepare. We try to make it that much easier by providing everything you might need in your own home, at the corporate apartments we lease out.

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