Keeping Cool

So you're traveling to Texas in the Summer.

The 4th of July has passed and you're just waiting out the long Summer months of intense heat!

Keeping cool in the south Texas heat can be difficult. In fact, it's one of the most dangerous things about living in southern Texas during the summer. Especially in cities like Laredo, Eagle Pass, and Del Rio, where the heat is so dry that it evaporates the sweat right off your skin! Most people don't even realize that they've become over-heated or dehydrated due to the dry heat.

Check the symptoms!

If you're concerned that you might be dehydrated, there are a few things you can do to check and see if you're really dehydrated.

One of the first things to do is to think of how long you've been in the sun and when your last glass of water was. If you can't recall when your last drink was, you're probably dehydrated! In fact, by the time you feel thirsty you are often dehydrated and severe dehydration often leads to a desire to not drink any water. If you're tired and the thought of drinking water makes you gag,you definitely need something to drink.

Headaches and dizziness are also often accompanying symptoms to dehydration, and if you are not sweating in 100+ degree weather then it is more than not that you are dehydrated. Several other symptoms of dehydration are a dry mouth, dry skin, and sleepiness. (Yup, you read right. Being sleepy can be a symptom of dehydration!)

But you can fight it!

There are many different ways to keep yourself hydrated and healthy through the hot weather. And each is fairly simple.

Keep a water bottle with you and drink from it regularly. While this may seem a little silly and juvenile, it can be a life saver! The average adult should be drinking just shy of two liters of water per day. While it is hard to keep that up, and actually drink that much, it is helpful to keep that in mind when you are drinking your water throughout the day.

Wear a hat when you are out in the sun. It will keep the heat off of your head directly, and will provide some shade to help you retain what water you have in your body. If you have a wide brimmed hat, that is even better because it will shield your neck and potentially your shoulders as well!

Take breaks from your exposure to the sun. Every half hour or so, just take five minutes and sit under a tree or inside. Even just a few minutes can help to cool your body temperature and keep you from working too hard. It also gives you a chance to sit down and take a nice, long, drink of water!

What do you do if you've already got dehydration?

There are plenty of things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms of dehydration, these are just a few . Remember: the only solution for dehydration is an intake of water.

Drink warm water when you are dehydrated. The cooler the water is, the longer your body has to take to integrate it into your system. Drinking room-temperature or even lukewarm water can help you body to absorb the water faster and reverse the dehydration.

Lay down in a cool, shaded area. Close your eyes and relax if you can. The cooler temperatures in the shade will ease some of the discomfort of dehydration and the shade from the sun will ease some of hte pain of looking at the bright sun while in pain.

Whether you knew some, none, or all of these tips, keep them in mind the next time you head outside in this hot weather and stay safe!

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