Martial Arts and Corporate Housing?

People don’t ordinarily think Martial Arts when they think of Corporate Housing.

One of the most interesting aspects of our company, is our founder’s outside-office activities. So many people think that Martial Arts is a young people’s thing. And that’s very true! Many younger folks are into Martial Arts these days, and it is certainly easier when you are younger. However, that didn’t stop Anna!

Her children attended a Tae Kwon Do camp in their local community one year, and, after months of hearing them beg to start, she enrolled them in the school. At first it was just the youngest, but Anna was determined to find ways to spend time with her children and began her journey as a Martial Artist only a few weeks after her children. And, believe it or not, Anna received her first Black Belt when she was forty-nine years old!

So, aside from Capri Temporary Housing’s founder, what does Martial Arts have to do with us?

It all goes back to the camp that Anna’s children participated in. That camp that was started so long ago, still runs today!

Every summer, Esperanza Del Rio Community Church, the base of operations for the Martial Arts school, runs a Tae Kwon Do camp for one week of the Summer. It is a week filled with fun, focus, and a lot of learning for the kids! One of the best parts of the camp is that it’s incredibly inexpensive. Less than $15 for an entire week of camp, and children receive training in martial arts from experienced and trained professionals (Most of which are black belts), Martial Arts pants, a Camp T-Shirt, snacks, and a wooden board to break at the end of the week!

However, $15 cannot cover everything that the campers receive.

To raise funds for the camps, the school hosts a Kick-A-Thon every year. The students are paid to do 1,000 kicks and donate all the funds to the school. However, it is not every year that they reach the needed goal of funds to put on the camp.

That is where Corporate Housing comes in! Capri Temporary Housing is proud to support this amazing outreach into the community by providing snacks to the campers every year, as well as having Anna and one more of our employees helping out at the camp throughout the week. We feel it is a great way to help impact and grow the community, as well as a chance to impact the lives of children across the city who may be looking for just an outlet like Martial Arts.

Have you heard of this awesome summer camp opportunity for your kids? If not, drop by 603 N. 17th Street in Del Rio, Texas, before August 7th for more information on the camp!

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