Staying in Del Rio TX

An Introduction to Staying in Del Rio TX

Del Rio TX is known as the busiest US Air Force training facility, also best known as the home of the Laughlin Air Force Base. There is, however, more in the city than this. It offers historic destinations, museums and soothing escapes that can be visited throughout the year. Read on to discover all the nice places you can visit in Del Rio TX.

In the middle of Amistad National Recreation Area lies Lake Amistad, the third largest lake in Texas. It is known as one of the best bass fishing spots in the area, although it is also home to other species of fish, such as yellow catfish and stripers. Make sure you get your fishing license before you set a row there.

If you are not a fan of fishing, you do not have to worry, because there are many activities waiting for you in the park. Water sports such as swimming, boating, kayaking and diving can be done here. Visitors may also go hiking, hunting, bird watching and camping. You can also simply stroll along the spot to explore and take pictures of the beauty of the area, which is surrounded by rugged limestone cliffs.

Del Rio has an active art scene. The city houses several art galleries with paintings, sculptures and photographs of local artists. Alternatively, you can view their works during the art walk, which takes place every first Friday of the month. Visitors may notice a Mexican twist in some of the artworks, which is no surprise given the proximity of Mexico to the city, which played a role in making Del Rio a perfect blend of American and Mexican cultures.

The Firehouse is a private institution. Named because it served at some point in the history of Del Rio, TX, it was also used as the town hall and a prison before it became an art gallery. This place is not only for experienced artists because art lovers can take lessons there, ranging from writing and painting to performing arts such as dancing. Casa del Cultura also offers art, music and dance classes, as well as exhibiting local art. Falcon Art Gallery is not only worth a visit because of its art, but also because of its history. It is found in the Glenn-Dowe House, a historic monument in Texas.

Val Verde Winery is the oldest winery in the entire state, established in 1883. The winery produces 10 different types of wines, including Don Luis Tawny Port, an award-winning vintage. You can opt for a wine tasting or take a tour to explore the vineyards of Val Verde Winery.

Del Rio is proof that combining history and culture is not only educational but also fun. Visit the city and discover for yourself how this, in combination with activities that allow you to explore the outdoors, makes Del Rio a tourist destination all year round.