Temporary Furnished Housing - Advantages and Disadvantages

When the decision to rent a home is made, one of the questions that arises is whether we have to look for temporary furnished housing or unfurnished. Some may be clear, but for others, this choice generates many doubts. This choice seems a totally personal decision that leads to more than one big headaches. But the truth is that apart from the personal factor, each circumstance will have its best option.

There is no decision that is better than the other, the correct choice depends on several factors. These factors are the duration of the rental contract, the attractiveness of the home, the liquidity to pay expenses and the availability of furniture.

I do not know if we can choose the best option for each of your cases. However, we will give you some key factors that will help you choose the alternative that best suits your needs.

 Advantages of Temporary Furnished Housing

Among the advantages that we can find when the house we are going to rent is furnished, we find the following:

The possibility of entering to live at the moment. The property has what is necessary for day to day, so you can start living in it as soon as you can.

Savings in furniture. If the house is furnished you save all the furniture that you should buy if it is not. To furnish a flat easily we could spend between 2,000 and 3,000 euros, so it is an important fact.

Higher income. When a house is furnished, the landlord has the possibility to increase the rent of his property. When the house is fully equipped you facilitate the tenant's day to day, and he pays for it. But we must bear in mind that this may change depending on the location of the property. If the house is located in an area where prices are high and there is not much supply, renting the furnished apartment is more profitable. This is because the cost of the furniture is lower than the rent increase. On the contrary, if the house is located in an area of high supply, the prices of furnished and unfurnished homes are similar. That is why renting it furnished may be less profitable.

Short and long-term rental. When our house is furnished we have several possibilities to rent it. We can rent it both short-term for tourists in the summer months and long-term to students and workers who come to live in the city for several months.

Rental preferences. Some tenants see furnished homes more attractive than unfurnished ones. These tenants look for flexibility and carefreeness, forgetting all the steps to furnish a home.

Disadvantages of Temporary Furnished Housing

But, furnished homes also have some drawbacks, and that is that renting a furnished property will generate some obligations that will help to get the most value for this property. These are some of the temporary furnished housing drawbacks:

By having furniture and equipment in the property, it is possible that after time, it deteriorates or breaks. The landlord will have to take care of these problems and renovate the furniture. For what the tenant finds an advantage for the landlord is a drawback.

At the time of renting we must take into account that we have to furnish the house. In addition, after a while we will have to change those furniture to take care of the aesthetics of our home.

These homes are demanded by those people looking for short rentals and who do not want to stay for a long time in a certain place. That is why the obligation to be pending in finding the next tenant and not leaving the house empty. Without counting the high costs of real estate agencies in each of the procedures. So it could be that we lose out.